Skill Development

“The Expert Associate Limited” are one of the fastest growing crew manning agents here in Bangladesh. Expert is registered by the joint stock companies and firms and approved by government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as an authorized Ship Manning Agent and consultant .For last 8 years; we mainly have been dealing with the crew manning business, in collaboration with our Chinese ship owners and management companies.

But in recent times, alongside our core business, we look forward to explore some work opportunities for our skilled land workers too. We assume that you already are aware of the fact that Bangladeshi labors/workers are relatively high standards in proficiency and very hard working. They are skilled, flexible and manageable by low payments. Besides, their demands in the world market are increasingly rising.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is frequently endeavoring for excellence by presenting the greatest service to our clients.

Our Vision is to be the most credible and reliable Manpower provider in all over the world.

Why you hired our worker?

Our workers are well known for their hard work, loyalty, discipline and high sense of responsibilities. We can supply the right personnel for the right job with the highly competent resources.


We are committed to excellence. We employ the best tools, people are resources to accomplish our work. We continuously improve our processes, procedures and service to exceed the expectations of those we serve.