Name               Oriental Global International Maritime Academy (OGIMA)

Inspiration       : It is Allah who has subjected sea to you.

Excellence        : Where future Maritime Professionals are hatched!

Mission             : Developing World-Class Maritime Leaders!

Vision               : Emerging as a leading maritime education, training and research facilities provider in the shipping world through continuous innovation and endeavors.

Motto               : Representing Bangladesh to the world.

Quality Policy : OGIMA is keen to keep up the standard of its education and training program according to the requirements of STCW’78 as amended, as well as to the requirements of the national curriculum and to enhance the customer satisfaction. Therefore, the academy is committed to constitute, promote and propagate throughout the institution, a culture of quality and continual improvement in all of its program of learning for all levels of Maritime Education and Training (MET).

Type                : Private Maritime Academy

Administrative Organization-Ministry of shipping
Monitoring (Academic) Organization -Department of Shipping

Courses           :

  •     Pre-sea rating deck
  •     Pre-Sea rating engine
  •     Pre-sea rating  Stewart

Ancillary Courses-Post-Sea STCW courses (IMO Model Courses)

Form of Pre-Sea Course-Residential

Working Language for Education-

E-Learning, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language


Campus Area- 5 acres.

Location-Located in a beautiful picturesque surrounding and adjacent to Dhaka airport.

Contact :

Phone: +8801626989951, +8801688124909